Capt. Johnny Nunez – Fishing Magician Charters

Fishing Magician Charters,LLC Today was a special day for Michell. Yesterday was her birthday, and what a better way to celebrate, but to go fishing with her family. Capt. Jason and I had the pleasure of fishing with Michell and her family:Craig,McAnister, Tess, Emma, Sophie, Cody, Dinger, Elliott, Bonnie, and Mary. Everyone arrive at the dock around 8 o’clock, I know this is a late start for me, but the girls were not in to getting a really early start. They were only looking to catch a couple of fish and enjoying the day. They did ask for both boats to stay in sight of each other. I told them no problem, but catching lots of fish maybe be hard to do. No one cared, and the girls proved me wrong, which made me feel better. Between both boats, we had 24 reds, 8 sheepshead, and 12 speckled trout. It really turned out a good day. We even celebrated by leaving a good fish bite to get together to have lunch and talk about the fun they were having and the fish that got away. Of course that wasn’t the end of the day. The girls called it a day about 1:00 and we headed back to the day. Everyone was eager to finish the day back home with a good fish fry. There is never a dull moment with a bunch of young girls pulling in their own fish after fish. The excitement was high. We even let some fish go because they were “CUTE.” If you want to catch some movie box pc fish and have some fun, Fishing Magician Charters is the one. Give us a call to book a trip you will never forget. You know with a twist of your wrist the magic begins. Capt. Johnny Nunez 504-239- 3159 fishingmagiciancharters@yahoo.c om

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